26 September 2011


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of the official course map, please direct your browser here.

Well, we've done it! With two weeks until raceday, I've met my minimum fundraising goal! In fact, my current tally is a whopping $1,005 or 101% of the minimum fundraising requirement. Amazing!

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who donated. Your support (both emotionally and financially) has been absolutely tremendous throughout the entire training and fundraising cycle. This truly could not have been without your generous support. In some sense, I am a running version of your local PBS or NPR affiliate -- viewer supported programming. Everyone chips in a bit, whatever amount they are able, and we all benefit. Too much of a stretch maybe? Perhaps not the most lucid connection (it makes sense in my head though, listen closely during the next fund drive and maybe you'll understand my mental networking). Regardless of my metaphorical success, your kind words and generous giving are simply outstanding. Thanks so very much for making my marathon fundraising goals a reality. I and the youngster of Chicagoland appreciate your donations.

Haven't donated yet? Don't worry -- If you're still interested, there's still plenty of time to contribute to the Chicago Fire Foundation. Just visit my fundraising website and after a few easy steps you'll have made a tax-deductible contribution that will directly improve the lives of youngsters throughout Chicagoland.

Planning to travel to Chicago to watch the race? Take a look at the official 2011 Bank of America Chicago Marathon Spectator Guide for all sorts of helpful hints (e.g. CTA, times, special viewing sections, etc.). If the PDF is your cup of tea, the marathon website is full of helpful spectator information and race specifics.

At the time of press, 12 days, 10 hours, 30 minutes, and 27 seconds remain until the 7:30am start of the race on Sunday, 9 October 2011. Holy smokes! Hope to see many of you at the start (and more importantly at the finish) line!