01 August 2009

the best part of waking up

Coffee is important. There truly is something magical about the first morning cup or a mid-day pick me up. Whilst living in Kuwait, I have been enjoying the simplicity of the caffeine carrying coffee product known as NESCAFÉ. Used around the world, NESCAFÉ's instant coffee is a well respected alternative for regular beans and a more traditional brewing method.

With no intention of disrespecting NESCAFÉ, for they have done an admirable job crystalizing coffee while still maintaining traces of true coffee flavor (truly a remarkable feat), I must clear my coffee-consuming conscience. This granular product (as well as coffee products from nearly any other company) and the just pour hot water and stir brewing method are poor substitutes for my revered roaster. Lacking proper brewing equipment and prohibited by geography, NESCAFÉ and I have been forging a friendship (occasionally moonlighting with Starbucks) over the summer.

Well, when Alterra is unavailable, it seems as though Rome is a fine substitute.

Hours before my plane touched down in Barcelona, Carmen returned to the city by the sea from the city on the Tiber. Visiting her friend Jara (a Madrilena working at the National Institute for Food and Nutrition Research for the summer), Carmen was enjoying a mini Roman holiday before I returned to Barcelona. Fully aware of the coffee conundrum in Kuwait, Carmen acted swiftly to resolve this ongoing fiasco. In the homeland of espresso (a brilliant man in Milan received the first patent for an espresso machine in 1901), Carmen found a rather remarkable stove top espresso machine! Treasure in tow, Carmen promptly returned to Spain where she presented me with this amazing piece of Italian craftsmanship.

Coffee: A Tribute.

Grazie Roma! ¡Gracias Carmen!