24 February 2011

inaugural video of the week

Drawing upon the audiovisual bounty of the worldwide web (and my penchant for wanderlust), I am introducing a new feature to the blog (queue heralding trumpets): video of the week! I intend for the new addition to the blog to (a) help populate a rather sparse blogging environment with captivating material (b) provide brief commentary on thought-provoking and/or interesting video content. For the first installment, methinks it better to keep the introduction short. The inaugural entry of the 2011 video of the week series comes from the fine blog, copenhagenize.com (please take a look if time permits, plenty of great material).

Since my Dutch is a bit rusty, I'm not entirely sure exactly how the witty dialogue translates, but i think the message is conveyed clearly despite the Dutch-English language gap.