17 March 2011

Hello, Newman

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courtesy of Notes From Newman: HNFE Research & Resources (Rebecca Kate Miller you are awesome! Please keep disseminating great information! Check out more of her frequent, timely, and often humorous dispatches here.)

Yes, that's right--the Newman Library Study Cafe is NOW OPEN!  The first floor door is open, as well, which means that you can enter the library directly on the first floor, and head right on over to Greenberry's, the cafe vendor.  View a drink menu here!

In addition to coffee and other beverages, the study cafe has hot and cold sandwiches, pastries, salads, and other food.  Greenberry's takes all kinds of payment except meal plans; cash, credit card, check, and Hokie dollars are all accepted. 

I, in fact, am drinking a Greenberry's beverage right now, as I write this post.  I swung by the study cafe on my way to Wallace Office Hours (where I'll be until 3:30 today) and picked up a tall (which is the smallest size drink) light roast.  Delicious, and kept me nice and warm on the rainy walk over here.

Be sure to stop by Newman Library today and check out the new cafe!"