01 March 2011

o' anna sun

Traveling the roads to the Land of Vintage Chic (and not unlike the cinematic splendor produced by the dynamic duo of Bret and Jemaine) Nicholas Petricca meets the energetic cast members from every John Hughes movie. Overcome with song and dance and experiencing a very Talking Heads-esque meta-musical experience (with a good measure of a Bowie-inspired Abercrombie & Fitch advertisement mixed in) whilst clad in American Apparel's finest, Petricca and mates present a memorable ode to collegiate carefreeness, young love, and the great name of a former professor. Hipsters everywhere rejoice (I jest, I jest; sort of...who doesn't love the line we got no money, but we got heart)! Although, one must admit the song is undeniably catchy and the video irresistible.