01 April 2011

PA the Gmail Way!

With obesity rates, worker complacency, and efforts to streamline non-verbal communication all on the rise, Google has jumped headlong into the fray. Now it is easier than ever to get 60 minutes of physical activity (as much as I love the great state of Pennsylvania, is actually what the PA refers to) most days of the week. All you need to do is develop a personalized system of body movements and other gestures and rely upon your computer and Gmail to inuit the rest. In short, we now have a viable option that enables us to rely less-and-less upon confusing verbal modes of communication and slowly do away with tedious (not to mention noisy) keyboard tasks. All the while we can increase our VO2 max, tone and trim, and live generally healthier lives. Thanks Google! You rock! Check out Gmail Motion here (it's still in BETA, but according to those in the know, a full version is on the near-term horizon) and sign up soon!

Ok, but in all seriousness...In celebration of this first day of April, the fine folks in Mountain View, CA have delivered another outstanding prank. Funny, of course. Plausible, perhaps. Desirable,...um...well, somedays this might the only PA some of us get. Take home lesson, step away from the computer (after you're done reading this of course), stand up and move about the room/house/office/city/countryside a bit. Every step counts. The more (and faster the) steps the better. Trust me, your boss(es) will appreciate your renewed vigor and enlivened creativity (not to mention you'll feel a whole lot better).

Learn more about Google's longstanding tradition of April Fool's Day pranks here (yes, believe it or not, there is an entire Wikipedia entry devoted to "Google's hoaxes"). Please do watch the Gmail Motion video. It is well worth the short bout (only a mere 1:52) of procrastination.