10 May 2011

Chronicle Special Report -- The Digital Campus 2011

Now available in print and digital formats: The Digital Campus 2011

The Chronicle of Higher Education asks, "Does all this new technology make a difference?" Then, rather conveniently, the aforementioned Chronicle "looks at the realities behind the hype" and responds with a witty and inquisitive statement of inquiry:
With the proliferation of cloud computing, Twitter, adaptive-learning software, smartphone apps, digital archives, and many other tools and programs on campuses today, it’s fair to ask if any of it is making a difference.
With stories ranging form "one tech-savvy university’s bumpy road to becoming a mobile-friendly campus" to reports that detail the "experiences of academics switching to paperless teaching, using blogs and Twitter to give their students a public platform, and updating the campus library for a new generation," this special edition publication offers quality reporting for technophiles and technophobes alike. "Whether you’re just starting to explore new information technologies or are already working in a cloud, The Digital Campus will be of interest to you."

Fortunate enough to be a VT student? You can access the entire publication (even subscriber only Premium Content) for free (excluding tuition and fees of course) using VT Libraries Off-Campus Sign In. Not a VT student? Check your library's digital subscriptions.

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