18 June 2011

Cue Chariots of Fire Title Song

Last week whilst browsing the worldwide web and in wont of motivation to increase my running regimen, I stumbled upon the homepage of the Chicago Marathon. Although interested in zipping around the Windy City in early October, I wasn't totally captivated until noticing that the Chicago Fire Foundation (the charitable wing of the MLS club) was assembling a fundraising marathon team. Well, with my longstanding passion for the beautiful game, commitment to health, wellness, and community development, not to mention my academic and personal ties to Chicago, this was an offer too good to forego.

Get details about the Chicago Marathon here.
Therefore, I'd like to formally invite each of you to a Sunday holiday in the "City by the Lake" on 9 October 2011. With me acting as your official Chicagoland tour guide, we'll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy delicious food, stroll along the lakeshore, visit world renowned tourist sites, explore  less-touristy neighborhoods (arguably a more rewarding experience than typical guidebook hotspots), attend lectures and discussion sections at my alma mater, and log a few pre-marathon miles (don't worry, you'll also have 3 hours 10 minutes [hopefully] to cheer for me on beautiful [also hopefully] Sunday morning). All that I ask in return is that (a) you help ensure that I don't forget to bring my running shoes and (b) you consider donating to CFF via my personalized fundraising page.

In order to make the donation process as rewarding as possible, I promise to use this blog as a medium for detailing (with wit, humor, and photos) the athletic, culinary, scholastic, and other miscellaneous adventures leading up to the running of the 2011 marathon. And for those financial donors and emotional supporters who are able to make it to Chicago, I invite you to join the entire marathon crew for a post-marathon dinner at Heartland Cafe, Ethiopian Diamond, Blind Faith Cafe, Thai Spice, or one of my other favorites from college. 

Now, with 112 days remaining until the running of the 2011 rendition of the Chicago Marathon, I find myself amidst an abbreviated training program and scrambling to raise at least $1000 before 9 October 2011. So, in the event that you like running, football (i.e. soccer), Chicago, community development, children, sunshine, and/or happiness, please donate and help CFF "improve the quality of life of youth and communities throughout Chicagoland by promoting health, wellness, education and the environment."

Go here to learn more about CFF
And now I'm off for a quick pre-dinner 8 mile jaunt.