07 July 2011

the song we were singing

What song was I singing during this trail
run in Tucson? Any guesses?
Sometimes while running I find myself singing (inaudibly, inside my head or barely audible, outside my head) portions of songs. Most often the refrain, but not exclusively so, the songs emerge from the archives of my unconscious after about 5 miles. For whatever reason, it is always just one song per run with the same few lines repeated over and over. As you might expect, my mind will wander for a bit -- mentally working through writing projects, maintaining (or accelerating) my pace, lodging a formal complaint on behalf of my leg muscles, contemplating serious existential quandaries -- but without fail my thoughts always return to the song I was singing (listen to McCartney's "The Song We Were Singing" from Flaming Pie for the title reference and perhaps a small glimpse inside the rhizome of my running mind). There is likely a connection with strongly meditative nature of running and my fondness for mantras.

Here's a quick summary of my recent training efforts and accompanying soundtrack:
  • 27 June: 9 mile trail run @ Pandapas Pond (1:14.52) -- Chariots of Fire title track (yes, seriously)
  • 28 June: cross-training -- 22 miles on the road bike
  • 29 June: 7 miles with 4 x 1 mile intervals (6.28, 6.43, 6.52, 6.41) -- "Gideon" My Morning Jacket
  • 30 June: 8 miles (no watch) -- "Here Comes the Sun" The Beatles
  • 1 July: cross-training -- 20 miles on the road bike
  • 2 July: 14 miles (1:40.37) -- "Psycho Killer" Talking Heads
  • 3 July: rest
  • 4 July: 4 miles (no watch) -- "Girl in the War" Josh Ritter
  • 5 July: 9 miles (1:04.24) -- "La Marseillaise" (I do not claim to actually know many of the lyrics, but it is a powerful piece of music with a rather invigorating tune -- good for the run)
  • 6 July: rest
  • 7 July: heading out the door for 9 miles -- check back later for a musical update