04 October 2011

Miles, Neighborhoods, and Motivation

Here's a great series of motivational photos from Nike Running. Also a nice photographic tour of the marathon course. For residents (and many tourists as well), the iconic sites (and associated sounds -- right now I can hear the clack that marks the beginning of the bridge, followed by a few seconds of  zzzzzz-ing as vehicles hum over the bridge, and a final clack as they exit the metal and return to the concrete roadway -- and scents -- a mixture of exhaust, river water, and cool steel) provide a great reminder of just how important the diversity (architectural, economic, ethnic, landscape, etc., etc.) of the cityscape is to Chicago's history and future. Whether you'll be in the Windy City to watch the race or tracking its progress online, these images should help your orient and visual the course and runners' progress.

Let the tour begin...