20 October 2011

Tiny Desk

In commemoration of my recent trip to Chicago (race photos and narrative forthcoming), here's Wilco in one of the better Tiny Desk Concerts I've seen in some time. The usual Wilco wittiness coupled with great new tunes from Jeff and the crew. Take a few minutes to watch the video (if you're required to multitask, the video works equally excellent as a streaming audio-only feed). Really like what you see/hear, don't forget, NPR welcomes "your tax-deductible gift helps keep all your favorite news, entertainment, and music programs on your local public radio station." You might also want to head down to your local record store and pick up (granted you'd be hard pressed to find a record store and the more likely avenue for musical purchases [i.e. digital music download] doesn't really involve much in the way of physical involvement) Wilco's new album, The Whole Love.