03 October 2011

Welcome to Marathon Week

Training is more or less complete (although, I certainly could benefit from more time -- isn't that always the case though?). With a mere seven days to go, I'm as prepared as possible for this attempt at 26.2. To commemorate the countdown to the 2011 Chicago Marathon, I've decided to keep the prose to a minimum and allow images and videos to convey the whole body adrenaline-surges and subsequent lightness of being that I am already experiencing. Just thinking about Sunday's race creates a floating feeling -- traversing the fine line between anxiety and excitement.

Thus it begins...

Runner's World "Rave Run" Chicago, March 2009
Download in various sizes here
If you're interesting in following the raceday events in realtime, Runners World is providing live coverage throughout the day. You can even subscribe to an email reminder system to ensure that you'll be connected for the 7:30am start.