02 June 2012

Race Day in Stockholm

I'm about to pin on bib number 851 and head ou the door to (hopefully) run a sub three hour marathon. Unfortunately the rain is still here (not sure about the wind, I've not dared to step outside yet - never mind, a huge gust just rattled the window!) and the temperature are holding steady at 41 degrees Fahrenheit. After being jolted awake by a ridiculously painful cramp in my left calf, the rest of the morning has nicely followed my pre-race plans. Caffeinated by Löfbergs Lila, fueled by Justin's Maple Almond Butter, lingonberry jam, bakery bread, a pink lady apple, Renée Voltaire Fruity & Nutty Müsli, and Arla Ekologisk Mild Lättyoghurt, socked by CEP, and shod in Brooks, I am ready to take on the day and zip through a very important 42.195km!

Here are the details: The first wave of the 2012 ASICS Stockholm Marathon begins today at noon. Approximately 21,000 runners from all over the world have entered. Although predominantly Swedes, the field is still rather international. A total of 83 countries are represented in the race with 7,918 runners from countries other than Sweden. As expected, most of the international runners come from nearby European neighbors -- Finland (4,858), Germany (580), Norway (366), Denmark (330), Great Britain (324), Italy (a surprisingly high 235 entrants), France (213), and then USA with 173 runners.

A huge thanks to each of the 3,165 volunteers who make this race day possible!

Can't make it to Stockholm? Keep tabs and cheer me on digitally - live results here.

Post-race details coming later...